Will be Android 5 supported for another while?


Hey Community,

I own a two year old shift phone that I really don’t want to throw away just yet, but unfortunately more and more apps stop supporting Android 5. I cannot update because of the hardware, so before buying lifetime Habitify I would like to know if future updates will be still available for Android 5?

I heard the app store is actually pushing developers to develop for the newest Android Versions and there are good reasons for new software so I would understand, but it’s still a major downside for me. I had several smartphones who died the slow and painful you-cannot-install-new-apps-and-therefore-your-phone-gets-more-useless-every-week and I find it heartbreaking to waste still great working hardware and the ressources.

Any plans on this?


Hi @Nachtfalter, thank you for your question. I’m sincerely sorry for my late response. I want to announce you with a good news, Habitify Android version is supported for Android devices version 5.0 and over, that’s mean your phone is still usable for Habitify!