Where is the new dark mode etc that you guys tweeted about last week?!


Are these still in beta? Am confused! Thanks!


Yes sir!
The new version with true dark theme will be released at the end of the week!


I agree with Justin. It is very confusing that you announce features of the current beta versions on twitter, as if they were readily available on the AppStore version.

Keep your users updated and teasing new features to get some feedback is fine, but it should always clearly stated that the feature is not yet available in the public release.


It’s really confusing!!! I’ve only just started using the app and I love it. The developers seem amazing and passionate but perhaps a little…all over the shop (as it were). I mean, you can still buy Nirow on the App Store and I don’t think that’s fair if it’s abandonware. And announcing new features that are only in beta as though they’re publicly available isn’t ideal! I was wondering where they were all weekend. Well, not ALL weekend. But wondering nevertheless


Hey Justin, we were about to release the update this weekend, meaning Sunday, April 7. However, there are some problems popping up regarding our localization for some regions, so we have to delay the release till next week, hopefully Monday or Tuesday.
This is never desired. However, language is not our strong point so we have to rely on the translators a little bit.
Please understand for us and stay tuned to the update.
We are so sorry for keeping you waiting for long.


Hello Leo, you are right. Next time we will be more careful when posting announcements on social media.


Ohhhh! Such a shame! But thank you for letting me know, I really appreciate it!

Very best wishes,



I just wanted to say that the new 5.5 release looks great! It’s not quite as pure black as it looked in the tweet but it still looks amazing! I just wanted to reply to say thank you for keeping us all updated, I really appreciated it a lot.

Habitify is definitely my favourite habit tracker. I’ve looked at Strides, Streaks, Today, Done and so many more! Habitify just looks gorgeous and is a pleasure to use so thank you for making such a lovely piece of software…

Oh, the widget could do with some love, and Progress tracking for all habits would be amazing!!!

You guys are brilliant :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!!