What's new about Habitify 5.2?


:fire: Habitify 5.2 is already out for a couple of days.

And good news for Android users, we have a new feature for you: Widget!

We know you have been waiting for this feature for so long. It promises to make your habit building even more convenient and visualized within your phone home screen.

What you can do with Widget:

  • View upcoming habits
  • View calendar of an individual habit.
  • Mark a habit as done.

And some small improvements in the app.

Have fun with the Widget !!!


Thanks for the update, would like to give some suggestions for UI,
Please make the rows for habits on the view screen more narrow and compact so it fits more stuff on screen,
and have to scroll less. the current view looks too bad, as the rows look super huge. please consider looking at my request. thanks.


Hey! Thanks for your suggestion!

May I ask how fitting more habits on the screen help you with your routine?


I currently have 21 habits to track and use the app twofold:

  1. Morning and evening routine
  2. Random habits that I want to be reminded about during the day

On my MacBook the list with just 21 items is almost two screenheights high, which means that I’ll have to scroll and can’t get a solid overview with just a glance.

On my iPhone the screen get fit only 7-8 items, which means I’ll have to scroll through 3 “pages” worth of items.

Also I really miss an indication on the list how long my current streak is.
Nobody is tapping each item to see the details regularly. It is way too tedious.