What is up with Habitify & Nirow?! Please help before I subscribe



I have downloaded Habitify and it looks great! Before I sign up for a subscription though I had a couple of questions if that’s ok… If anyone can help then that would be amazing!

  1. It says that you can set custom notifications but I can’t see this option. I’d LOVE to be able to set what the reminders say, as you can with other apps such as ‘Done’. Or do you mean custom notifications in that I can just set the time of them…?

  2. I’m slightly confused by your other app, Nirow. It seems to want to do the same thing only better. I LOVE the integration with Apple Health, the steps tracking and the little icons and visual touches. The widget is also far better than Habitify. My question is - has Nirow been abandoned? Oh, and will you be integrating that app’s features into Habitify? It seems…confusing and slightly concerning that this app was launched as a separate one. Concerning because what does this mean for the future of Habitify…?

Any help you can offer me would be amazing. I like Habitify but prefer much of the functionality of NIrow but I see that Nirow hasn’t been updated in a long, long time…

Thanks and best wishes,


  1. No custom text for reminders. It will just show the habit’s name at custom times you set.

  2. Nirow hasn’t seen any update for 10 months. It is safe to assume it has been abandonned, but I’m also just a user and not on the team.


Thank you ever so!

I am also a bit confused - I can’t find the streaks calendar on the iPhone… has this been removed? The app seems a bit buggy too - reminders not coming through and so on. I just subscribed so am a bit disappointed!


Reminders work really well for me. I have one per habits. I have lots of habits. Love that I can use it on iPad and Mac too.


Hi, as Leo said:

  1. We only customize reminder time.
  2. We’ve no longer supported Nirow.
    And you’ve mentioned that the app is buggy, can you please give us some more details? As reminder has to be turned on in your phone’s settings as well, so please do a second check.