What are your most used app on the phone?


I want to know what are the 2 most used app you guys use.

I use Trello and Habitify they are my most used app and also the most used productivity app on my phone.

Look forward to see some responses.

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The most used (productivity) app on my phone is Habitify and Notes.

  • Habitify: I use it to track all habits in the day. I have reached over 150 workout sessions this year.
  • Note: To quickly capture my thoughts. There’s no better app that can do this.

I’m ashamed to say…Facebook and Gmail. lol!
I want to get better at using both Trello and Habitify. Kudos to you!

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If you are saying Facebook Worksplace and Facebook Workchat then I’m pretty sure you can’t beat me @wokandskillet!

Gmail is good, but I think I have dropped it like years ago… I’m using Spark instead!


Just like you create good habit. It is also important to break the bad ones. I used to use FB a lot. But slowly changed it. Try putting FB in a place on your phone where it is hard to find and turn off all the notifications especially the big red one :smiley:

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One good way is to delete it completely. I realized that Facebook is not that important in my life. I can still catch up with friends via messenger, and that’s all I need!

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I follow the GTD method and my GTD system is inside Google Apps.

I use Google Tasks for my list of next actions and Google Calendar to fill the gap for handling all things with a specific date and time. Can I add a third? For collecting stuff, I use Google Keep.

Of course I use other apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote for handling digital reference material and Habitify as a checklist of my habits. But I’ve already cheated mentioning more than 2. :smile:

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I’ve temporarily disabled both FB and Instagram. I haven’t missed them since then. After reading Deep Work by Cal Newport, I started protecting my time better.

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Thanks for the sharing! We have a die-hard Google fan here!

I’m using Evernote. Why don’t you use it to replace Google Tasks?


Google Tasks is integrated into Google Drive and Calendar. It is simple, integrated, and does the minimum I need.

Evernote is only for keeping digital material that I don’t want in my Google Drive. I used to be a power-user of Evernote. My whole digital GTD system was there. Then I realized most of my work and personal stuff was inside the Google cloud. I was always copying and pasting links of my docs and sheets onto Evernote notes for support reference. Well… it was becoming double work then, to avoid all that, the transition back to Google was natural.

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How is GTask integrated into GDrive? This sounds interesting!


Here’s more info: