Welcome to the New Habitify Community 👋


Howdy, our Habitify friends !

After years of researching, we have finally made up our mind to land here and gather everybody to this one and only community.

You may know that we have so far had 2 Facebook groups, a Twitter account, and a Spectrum community. However, for certain reasons, we will unite all groups to this community and also, we welcome all Habitify users and to-be-Habitify users!

As long as you want to better yourself by doing good things day by day here.

Why do we move to this community?

To keep information centralized

No longer will you have to receive an unnecessary number of notifications whenever anyone post on each social networking sites. Also, this community will make it dead easy to hear and trace back important declarations.

To get closer to all habit builders

As mentioned above, this community is open to everybody. You can be a Premium Habitify user, a free user or even a non-user. Here your voices are all given the same priority and your stories, your requests are all heard.

What are some benefits that you have, joining this community?

Be social, be private

We at Habitify have once thought of adding a “social hub” feature inside the app to allow you to share your achievements, your tips, tricks, etc. to others. However, this can turn Habitify into a social app, which is so far from the app’s function. This community helps you raise your voice, of course, while you can keep the app just for habit tracking.

Never get distracted

We receive a lot of claims from users that Facebook or Twitter can be too distracting for them. As a productivity booster, we understand that and this community is the-so-we-thought perfect solution.

What can you find here?

How can you make the best use of this community?

For a detailed guideline, please visit here. Here are some small notes for you:

  • Any questions, requests, reports here will be in different topics. Please look up for a keyword in your expected topic to see if it has already been raised before to avoid duplication.
  • Above are the 5 categories that we have devised. However, if you find it hard to choose a final destination for your topic, then our recommendation would be the “Sharing is Caring” corner, or just contact one of us!

Finally, we highly welcome your constructive and direct engagement to build this community.

Hope you will find this site helpful.

Much love
Habitify team :rocket:



Hi Quin,

You contacted me over a week ago setting up a call to talk about feedback and potential new features. I’ve been ghosted ever since.