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I love Habitify so much and especially that I can use it also on the desktop.

What I miss however is to see how many habits have I done on a weekly basis. Practically, I would love to see same chart as “Completion Rate” just for total Habits done. Technically the best solution would be to have a choice of seeing % or the absolute number of habits done.

What do you guys think? I switched from https://wayoflifeapp.com/ and that app has done this feature in a perfect way.

Thank you all
All the best to the New Year! :slight_smile:



Thanks David for the recommendation!

We still have a long way to learn from Way of Life progress. But before we dwell into the feature, may I ask how the requested feature and provide more value for you? What would you use it for?

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Hi AlanNg,

I just love the exponential chart of me adding more and more habits overtime. This is contrary to see the % which (hopefully) still remains the same. So while I do overtime multiple times more habits than at the beginning, at the completion rate chart it looks the same.


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Hi there :slight_smile:
Any thinking or ideas on this?


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Tbh I wasn’t really clear what you were explaining? Could you help me phrasing it again?


That’s alright. Thank you for the reply AlanNg!

All I want to know is how many habits have I accomplished weekly. Do you understand? I want to clearly see that in week XY I made i.e. 10 habits and another week already 15.

This is an example but all I’m asking for is the ABSOLUTE number (count) of checked habits per certain period (day, week, month,…)

I’m sure you can do this easily because the “Completion rate” in the progress dashboard is already made on top of what I’m kindly asking for. You have the numbers for this formula already.



Hello David,

Thanks for the suggestion! I have a question:So you want that for weekly habits only or for all habits?


Thanks AlanNg! :slight_smile:

I would primarily use it for weekly comparison so if I had to chose only 1, it would be weekly, but useful would be also monthly.

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Got it! Let me take this to the team!


Hi AlanNg, what’s feedback from the team? :slight_smile:


Hi AlanNg,

I read you guys want to focus on the dashboard in the following months. What’s the roadmap, please? :slight_smile: I really don’t want to look for alternatives :frowning:


Hi David, I’m really sorry for getting back to you that late. Our developers are now developing new features that allows you to have multiple habits per day and modify the repetition of habits yourself, such as biweekly, monthly or even yearly with scarcely-doing habit. We already have a draft for upcoming events and feature updates. But I’m afraid that there isn’t a specific ETA yet.
Please be patient. Our developers are still working on it consistently.