watchOS syncing problem


Hi! when I tick off a habit on iPad or Mac, the watchOS app doesn’t display those habits as done.

However, the other way around seems to work: when I tick off a habit in watch, it immediately is displayed as done everywhere else.

Please fix this so that I could tick a habit off everywhere and it would show as done on my watch. Thanks!

I’m running the latest software everywhere: iOS 13.2, watchOS 6.1, macOS 10.15.1…

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Somehow, everything started syncing, for some reason. :slight_smile: Hm… don’t know why, but it’d be cool if the process was really smooth…

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Hey @Alex, there has been reports on the syncing ability of the watch with other devices. It seems what you are experiencing is one way. Have you updated your watch to 6.1? Hopefully that will get it fixed!


This bug is here for more than one year. I had to switch to another app, which is more expensive btw, just because Habitify doesn’t fix bugs even though Habitify is way better than any other apps on the market.

I hope that someday someone will polish it.


I agree Habitify is way better than anything else on the market, but they do need to get rid of bugs…
what’s the name of the app you use? :slight_smile: