Trophies of some kind ;)


Ok, I know that not every app needs trophies, but I love them, so… :grin:
This is something that could additionally motivate as it works (usually) with activity apps.

  • “You’ve earned a bronze trophy in [habit name]” // complete habit 100% times during a week
  • “You’ve earned a silver trophy in [habit name]” // complete habit 100% during a month
  • push notification: “Complete [habit name] once more this week and win [something magical :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:]”

or even just a small push:

  • push notification: “complete [habit name] today to have your longest streak!”
  • or: “if you complete [habit name] today, your streak will be [10/50/100]”

Because sometimes I need a little push… :wink: