Translators needed!


Hello Habitifiers,

We have constantly updated the app quite often recently as you can see. The app is being renewed every month and so is the content.

Besides English, we really want the app to be popular among all the other countries’ users.

And as usual, we are going to release another new update this week so more than ever, we are looking for native speakers and translators of all languages.

So if you are a Habitify user who knows any other languages and wants to contribute to making perfect the app, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can leave us a comment here or chat with us in in-app chat, or send us some emails.

Here is the link to the translation platform, please take a look and then you can create an account to help us translate the app:

Thank you so much beforehand!

P.s: Specifically, we are focusing on localising for these countries: Dutch, French, German, Italia, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Romany, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Turkish.


Is there a way I can translate the app in Urdu? Would love to help.

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