Русскоязычные пользователи


Всем привет.
Кто есть русскоговорящий?


Hi there, we are also looking for Russian native users :smiley:


Есть :slight_smile: С какой целью интересуетесь?

Best regards,
Russian native user :smile:


Since we update the app quite frequently, there are a lot of newly updated content needing to be translated, it would be great if you, the native users can help us with that :smiley:


Sure, please, let me know if there is need to translate something to russian.


Thank you so much!!! Here is the link to our translation platform:

Until now, the file has been completed but the app will be updated quite frequently, can I inform you next time we have new content for translation?

Can you give me a more direct way to communicate with you? Email for example?


Hi Quin, my email is the following: I do not always have much time, but if I have, I would gladly help you with translation. Feel free to contact me when needed.

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Thank you so much beforehand!


Здравствуйте)))) ))))))))))

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Hi :smiley: How can I help you?