Time of habits in Journal view


Thanks for the great app. You’re doing an awesome job. ^^

Could there be an option in the settings of whether or not the user wants to display the time of habits in the Journal screen? This was one of my favourite features and was actually the single feature that set this app apart from others for me and why I chose to upgrade to premium.

Please bring it back! Or at least the option to select this view!

Thank you ~


Hello there, thank you so much for sharing. Actually, we now show them in Manage habit, you can go to Settings > Manage habits to see that.


Hi Quin,

Thanks for your response.
Yes, I understand that I can see the time when I go to ‘Manage habits’.
My request is for the time to be reinstated on the default journal screen, or at least for that to be an option. I personally find this very helpful psychologically and value this more highly than seeing the number of days’ streak, which is the current Journal screen view.
What I’m requesting is actually what still shows up as the smartphone version of Habitify when you go to the habitify.me website!
Could the developers consider giving users an option as to what we want to display on the Journal view (streak or time or even both)?
I don’t appreciate updates that fundamentally change the app from what I paid for when I subscribed, without giving me more options over the functionality. The display of the time on the main view is the only feature that made me choose this app over others, so I’m really disappointed about this change in the design.

Thank you for your help!

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I just want to add my preference on this subject. Please, please, please keep the ability to view streaks on the main Journal page, even if only as an option. I find it very motivating, and greatly prefer to see that statistic rather than the time of habits, which it seems to me is proximally accomplished by changing the Journal view to reflect the period of day (i.e. “Morning” or “Evening” instead of “All Habits”).

Thank you for your hard work on these updates. I’m sure attempting to satisfy the needs and desires of every user is daunting (because, of course, it’s impossible), but I truly appreciate your obvious willingness to at least listen to us and consider our wishlists. Keep it up!

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Hey @Perfectionist, hey @Quin :slightly_smiling_face:

I really appreciate that we’re having a discussion around this.

I can totally understand that the streak feature is important for many users, and that’s why I want to be very clear that my request is not either-or. What I’m requesting is that I can have more control in the settings over what I personally want to display in the Journal view on my phone.

For me, the ability to reflect the period of day is nowhere near the same as being able to see the specific time that I’m due to complete a task. I really appreciate being able to gauge where I’m at in the context of all of my habits at any given point in the day and how much time I have until the next one, rather than waiting for the notification to remind me. Call me a sucker but I’m attached to the clock! :wink: As a parallel, I’m a teacher and for my teaching schedule, I don’t just vaguely know each day ‘ok, I have 3 lessons in the morning’; I like to be able to visually see the times of my teaching periods each day. Yes, I could memorise them, as I could do with all of my habits; I just really appreciate the visual reminder.

Using the suggested option of looking at the time in ‘Settings > Manage Habits’ not only entails 2 extra clicks each time I use the app but also means I have to be faced with the red remove symbol each time. The whole screen has the feel of an editing space (which it is) rather than something I want to access each day.

I still really appreciate the functionality of being able to select the specific time of day and receive reminders at specific times. This is the single feature that I can see that sets this app apart from the competition (of course the design is beautiful too :relaxed:). I’m just sad and disappointed that I can no longer see the time on the main Journal screen, and I would really love the option to have this feature again.

Since my main request seems to be around more user control, it would also be nice to be able to toggle what order the items are displayed on the Progress screen.

Thanks a lot for all of your hard work, and for listening to my concerns. ^^ ~

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@Perfectionist @frannypie Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We highly appreciate your contributive ideas. Much as we want, changes are not always welcome by everybody. I will surely pass the idea of customising the Journal settings. I understand the need of being motivated and knowing exactly the time of what will come next. Please always feel free to tell us what you think!