Teams for habits


It will be cool if there is an option to create a team or join a team to share streaks. This will help in motivating each other.


In the book The Power of Habit the author talks about organisational habits. This will be a powerful feature to share habits with team members. May be even group habits. For example my team has a habit of clock-in and journal every morning in the beginning of the shift. I would like to be notified at a certain time if the team members didn’t do that by 12pm every day etc.

Although the scenario above is quite complex. I’m now using Trello to achieve something similar.

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Sounds like something implementable in Habitify. In fact, you can use Habitify with someone else. If, for example, person A forgets to check in at 7:00 AM, then person B will still get a notification at say 12:00 PM. Note that they must use the same account.


What I am requesting here is to create shareable habits. One can create or join a team by finding other Habitify members to subscribe Habits and keep track of progress. It may not be simple but could be a powerful idea. The only challenge is how to make sure others are reporting accurately.

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We actually tested this idea before but it seems the community is not really hyped about it. Fun? Pretty sure. More value? Hm… we still need to think more about it.