Something we can accumulate, not only streaks


Streaks are always cool and they do motivate us to keep them as long as possible,
but once we end up in losing them, the records are lost and so is my motivation (for me at least. You?).

In addition to streaks, I would love also to have something I can gather and retain.
They will not just vanish into nothing even if we fail, but we can collect and keep them once we get back on the habit-track.

Imagine a graph that just goes down a little and comes up again once we achieve a habit: like the Karma in Todoist.

I guess those points could be accumulated across all the habits and also independently.

What do you guys say?


Good idea! We haven’t thought about this “collection” concept at all. Agreed that if a streak is broken it is really demotivating though…


This is a great idea, and it would really help set Habitify apart from the countless other habit-tracking apps out there. It already kind of exists in the form of the average completion rate, but something a little more prominent and semi-gamified (like collecting points) would be nice.

One possibility would be to incorporate some sort of “recovery score” whenever you break and restart a streak, with the score being higher if it took you a shorter time to begin a new streak. That might not be “minimalist” enough for Habitify, but perhaps something along those lines would work.


Count me in as another person for this idea. I have no suggestions on implementation, however.


Viktor, Orin, thanks for you comments!

Another idea I came up with later about points;
It would also be nice if we could set difficulty level for habits - like choosing the level from 1 to 5 (or maybe 3) for each habit.
We would acquire points when achieving habits in accordance with the level we set.

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Once again, I will plead the case for simplicity. Habitify’s streamlined UI/UX is what originally attracted me to it (and what truly sets it apart from other habit-tracking apps I’ve tried). I have tracked upwards of a hundred activities with Habitify, and the more complicated, cluttered, colourized, iconified, or gamified the app grows, the less likely it becomes that I will use it. I understand that some individuals find these things motivating or otherwise useful, but there are also those of us that do not. So, I’m begging you, if these types of features are added to the app, please please please make them optional.

This is, as always, just my 2¢.

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