Sign in with Apple on iPhone vs. MacOS


Hi! I signed up using “Sign in with Apple” on my iPhone and bought the monthly subscription, but I don’t see the “Sign in with Apple” option on MacOS, so I can’t sync between the iOS and MacOS. I can sync, however, if I create an account with email in both places.

Am I missing the option to sign in with Apple on the Mac, or should people who want to sync between Mac and iOS not use that option?


edit: left out the words “with email” in the last part of the first paragraph.

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Hello @bonk, no worries at all!

We are building Sign in With Apple into the MacOS, that’s why you don’t see that option. However, you can still sync with your phone nicely by using a manually registered email.

Sorry for this inconvenience :((


So I manually registered my email on the Mac app. How do I enter that in iOS?


Hi Roni ,Your problem is your account is not linked with your email so i’d recommend that you should text us directly via in-app chatbox so i can detect your User ID . Then i’ll sync your account with your email and you’ll be able to log-in in IOS using you email . And also remember to attach your email with your message .


Hi Alan,

I checked that I could sync data between iPhone and Web app, but I have the same issue with MacOS app.
I would be able to use the same email address which has been used for my Apple ID but would not like to use the password for Apple ID because of security risk.
How should I do to sync the data between iOS app and MacOS app?


Hi Alan,
I also have this problem with my apple account can’t be linked with my email, so I can’t log in in my Mac. How can I deal with it? I can’t find any problem report in iOS app.


Hi @cimat and @zxnn_nnnn ,
Please send me a message via In-app chatbox, I’ll help you guys with synchronization issue. Because our macOS version is quite obsolete and having a few trouble with sign-in options, so you can sync your datas with macOS devices manually.