Set Exceeded Habits


I want to set exceeded habits.
For example, I want to workout 3 times or more a week.
But Habitify is hiding completed workout habit already.
So, I go back yesterday for checking today habits.


+1! I still want to give myself credit for going beyond the minimum habit goal :slight_smile:


+1 (especially for a habit that’s tracked multiple times a day - if this feature is implemented)


Multiple check-in will be available at the end of this year :shake_it:

Sure we will let you add more value than the goals :slight_smile:


@Ingrid @mdgrandy @whitehander Right now we are hiding the completed habits for the sake of minimalism, however we’d much appreciate any idea to help bringing them out while still maintaining the cleanness of the app :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Are there any updates? I also miss this feature.

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Hi @Nachtfalter , I’m afraid that this feature is still being considered to create a solution for the optimization for both users who prefer minimalism and for users who want to do one habit multiple times per day .

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Thanks for your answer! I am very happy to see that our problems and wishes are heard / actually get read by the Habitify team in this community.

I see that the feature is not easy, but I don’t think there is no solution. Just let the user go into the settings of one habit and let him set if he wants to be able to see a habit after completion. The completed habits will still show in the normal view to tick off but they could have a little tick icon, the circle is slightly gray/blue or, without changing the current app design at all, the message under the name just tells me I already succeeded but I could do even more.

Looking forward to the multiple times a day habit btw!


This is something I’d really like to see, and it’s something the majority of habit-tracking apps lack. (“Streaks” is the only app I’m aware of that doesn’t hide habits that have already had their quota fulfilled—instead, they are greed out, but still completable.) The majority of my habits are things that I want to see on my habit screen every day, but that are minor enough that I don’t want to lose my streak if I miss a day. Exercise is one example, as is flossing.

I agree with @Nachtfalter that it would be awesome to have a setting for individual habits to not be hidden after weekly completion. Seems like something like that could be added without sacrificing minimalism.

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Hi Viktor, I highly recommend that you use more than one habit tracker app as there is no way a single app has everything we want all in one place. I too use Streaks, among many other apps for tracking different habits. It does work for me great that way.