Set Exceeded Habits


I want to set exceeded habits.
For example, I want to workout 3 times or more a week.
But Habitify is hiding completed workout habit already.
So, I go back yesterday for checking today habits.


+1! I still want to give myself credit for going beyond the minimum habit goal :slight_smile:


+1 (especially for a habit that’s tracked multiple times a day - if this feature is implemented)

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Multiple check-in will be available at the end of this year :shake_it:

Sure we will let you add more value than the goals :slight_smile:


@Ingrid @mdgrandy @whitehander Right now we are hiding the completed habits for the sake of minimalism, however we’d much appreciate any idea to help bringing them out while still maintaining the cleanness of the app :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Are there any updates? I also miss this feature.


Hi @Nachtfalter , I’m afraid that this feature is still being considered to create a solution for the optimization for both users who prefer minimalism and for users who want to do one habit multiple times per day .