Set a Habit as twice a day (or more)


I’d like to set my water intake goal to 4 glasses in a day and would like to check off the habit for each glass individually.


I would like something like this too. A way for me to track whether I ate lean protein at every meal, 3 times a day, or that I ate slowly every time I ate. Something that would require me to check off multiple times a day in order to mark the habit as complete.


I would say that is indispensible as well.

Although Habitify is my favourite tracker, I’m being forced to use Nomie on the side because of the flexibility of tapping several times – building parts of a habit - in one day. Actually, I’m using Habitify to track only one habit now, whilst doing everything else (quantified self, 16 pieces of data a day) on Nomie.

I’m tracking at what time specifically I do such things and, overall, in which amount.

It seems so clearer and better to have the ability to visualise, specially after a good while, WHERE, AT WHAT TIME and HOW MANY TIMES you’ve done a particular thing.

Everything else doesn’t make sense and it’s quite insufficient. I’m really hoping for this feature, since I really don’t want to fully abandon Habitify; but one-time tracking of habits is just too limited I’m afraid.



Easy to set this up as x separate habits. I have a “Drink 500ml water” in my morning, afternoon & evening slots.


I don’t know if clicking on a <3 counts, but I’m upvoting this :wink: :heart_eyes:
It’s possible to create many copies, but then you don’t have awesome stats showing you this one activity at once. E.g. if your habit should be done 3 times a day, you have to check your progress for 3 separate instances.


Not really, as this clutters the interface with redundant habits.
Furthermore it is not possible to provide ranges for those repetitive habits, such as doing it at least once per day and up to – for the sake of the example let’s say – 5 times.
You’ll end up having 5 habits, but the streak-tracking of the “last” one would be worthless.

A good example would be a stopping-habit, such as “made a conscious decision to not smoke”. It would be great to have one habit that you can tick off multiple times and the streak-view will show you how often you’ve succeeded, even if it is just once per day.


Agreed. Moreover, what’s been most useful for me on another app that I really want to see in Habitify is the ability to track however many times (and when) something is done/observed in a day.

What I am currently getting elsewhere is a collation of THE TIMES (limitless count/taps) something is observed or achieved, and also WHEN (different times of the day, week, month, quarter, etc).

For instance:
Monday; 45 times; around 9am, 11am, 1pm, 5pm and 8pm

… which results in comparative stats that average and streak over larger periods, such as weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, monthly etc.


@leo @anthonyjonesdavid Thank you so much for your suggestions!

We know that multiple-check-ins is a very important feature, yet admittedly it’s very hard for us to implement due to algorithm complexity.

At the moment, @petervu - our founder - is working on changing it bits by bits, but there’s some positive signals that this feature could be implemented very soon!


+1 I’d love this! @AlanNg Any updates on when this feature might be coming?

Thanks to everyone at Habitify for making a great app! :grin:

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@anthonyjonesdavid @lyondhur @Ingrid @leo @kpolus @Ben_Helstad We are implementing this feature! It will be rolled out at the end of this year, together with Health Sync.

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@AlanNg Will this feature be like, a habit will be first achieved with more check-ins than the number set as the check-in-times-goal, or simply like we can check-in to one habit many times?

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If you have a time goal then when you reach your goal using the timer in app, it will be automatically marked as completed. And for the multiple check-in feature, you can check in as many times you want :slight_smile:


@AlanNg Sorry but i don’t this how we want to log this sort of behavior every time. This flow requires a lot of transitions (at least from my iPad) to get it done. It doesn’t make sense log the duration of task like Drink Water. We just want to keep the count. It’s different when we talking about something Stretch Your Lags. Thats the sort of tasks we want to log the amount of time doing it.

We could also add a additional Flag when creating the Habit/Task to make the App know when to offer the actual Time Tracking (session). Something like a check box called: Daily Multi-Streak?

With that we could do some changes over the “Time Goal” section as well. We could add three Options:

  • “Fixed Time” - We set the time just like we already do but the App will understand that the important aspect here is the Streak count and not the actual variation of the execution time of the habit.
  • “Variable time” - We would flag the App that this habit that we like to see the Streak Count and use the Time Tracking (session) as a more statistical aspect to start know more about how much we spend on this habit
  • “Expected Time” - We have two strong grows we need the Streak count but we also have a target time range to achieve.

With those option we could rework the action of “Checking as done” to a UX like:
1 - Access the Journal tab/panel
2 - Click on the checkbox of Habit/Task to mark as “Done”.
3 - App shows option dialogs based on the options presented above:
a) For “Fixed Time” we DONT show a popup dialog. We simply show the Streak Count on the right side of the name/title of the Habit (no need to make the user change tabs)
b) For “Variable Time” we show a popup dialog. The options are: a.1) Enter a session duration a.2) Start a session (realtime chronometer?)
c) For “Expected Time” we show a popup dialog. The options are a.1) Enter a session duration a.2) Start a session (but this one here is on count-down mode. once the expected time is done we show the count on “negative” like “+ 00:05” to show how much additional time is being consumed)

You guys already have the database section to log how long a session can be the only need here is to rework how you UI/UX are collecting it from the User.

I choose this App so i wouldn’t need any other apps to help me tracking. So i guess this is a change that could maintain you on the road of a “stand-alone” solution for habit tracking

I’m a developer as well, and i know that all this can be worth months of work but i think it’s worth change.