Sending Weekly Report (email notification)


Hi Team,

Email is the best reminder all the time.

I hope Habitify can send me one report email at the weekend that I can see which habits I failed.

Thank to that I believe I can improve myself better.

Kindly regards,

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Hello Cuong and welcome to the community!

We’ll discuss more about your request. And can I ask if your request means that the app now is not able to make you aware of your failed days enough?


Hi Quynh,

Actually, the app help me aware of my failed days good enough. (the sub-title below each task)

However, I love Habitify send me an email report which look like a self-engagement and it is better for everyone.

Better is always good :slight_smile:, thought



Let me pass this to the whole team.
Actually, so far we’ve been focusing on developing features inside the app. Sending email, I have to say that we’ve not thought of that.
Let me see what the dev team says.
And don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us whenever you have any ideas.


Hey there, great news here! The team has agreed that weekly report can be a great idea! So let’s stay tuned!