Requests for current streak and best streak



I’ve just started using habitify and I really like it. The clean, minimal interface is excellent and it’s really easy to use and keep track of habits, without getting lost in too many details and statistics. However, I do have two feature requests-

  1. Displaying the current streak number using a large font.

  2. Displaying the best streak number, perhaps below the current streak.

I’ve created a mockup to show what I mean-

It might just be me, but it’s really motivating to see the streak number go up every day - like trying to maintain a high score. Hence my request for making the number prominent, and displaying the best streak.

Please let me know what you think.


Hi there! Thanks for the request and the beautiful mockup!

We do actually show streaks in the little text below the habit (in Journal screen). Just use the apps a few more days and you will start seeing it.

Regarding the best streaks, yeah, that’s a great idea. Actually we implemented it years ago but then removed it to make space for the current info. Let’s give it some more thoughts before we implement it shall we?

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Thanks for the response, Alan.

Yes, I can see the streaks. I was just thinking a bigger font would make it more inspiring. I understand if this does not fit your vision for the app, so I’ll use the app as-is for a while. Let’s see, it may grow on me. :slight_smile:

Yeah here also I think the best streaks can be more motivating than the messages that show up, but I think I can live without it for now.


I believe the streaks deserve a more important stance in the app. We are still working hard to find a way to address it without compromising the whole UI :smiley:


Thanks Alan, you’ve got me excited. :grinning:

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