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Let’s say you want to learn code, a specific language, or game dev, you want new habits but ‘become a game developer’ is intimidating and seems like a mountain. I think it would be awesome if the app added more intuitive features where it considers what your aiming at, and then suggests a possible sequence of steps which will help you attain that goal.

For example
You type “I want to study game development 2 hours a day” then a pop up comes up “Udemy course: the game engine’s guide to the galaxy, noob phase” or “a list of possibly useful tools and resources”

You can skip or look into that and then it’s noted automatically.

Then, the goal, like a folder directory, or some th like omni focus can be split into smaller steps that are actually motivating and not intimidating.

Just my 2 cents and I like the app so far :smiley: ez code ez life bros <3!

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While I do not think that listing resources would be the duty of Habitify, I think the idea of sequential habits is interesting.

Truth be told, the default recommendations that you suggested that would be made by the app would be the first thing that would annoy me and that I would ask to be deactivated.

It would wouldhoever be great to have a habit building ending condition for example:

  • Defining a goal number of “done” marks for a habit
  • Defining a goal number of sequential streak days for a habit

After that a small celebration screen could be shown, which appends on the stats. It could show something like: “It took you a total time of 71 days to get to the 28 day streak. You formed this habit 27% faster than other habits.”

The user-predefined sequential habits or habit cue could come in handy on that screen. It could show a button at the bottom to keep up the momentum and start the next habit.

An example would be:

  • 1st habit: Going to the gym 3x/week for weight training for a month straight.
  • 2nd habit: Going to the gym 4x/week for weight training for a month straight.
  • 3rd habit: Going to the gym 4x/week for weight training and 2x for cardio/conditioning.

This would be so good. Honestly, best idea ever @leo

Starting habits is hard and it is often recommended to start really really small, like with ‘1 push-up’. However as you get better you want to improve so you could either a) change the habit description to ‘5 push-ups + 1 pull-up’ but that falsifies past checked habits or you b) archive the first habit and create a new habit but then there is no streak, no nothing left.

Maybe an optional level system could work here, where you can define levels. Example: level 1: change in workout clothes, level 2: workout for 5 minutes, level 3: workout for 15 minutes and stretch etc. You could manually progress from level 1 to level 2 if you feel like you are ready for change or you could set a goal like leo described, and if you hit a certain streak or number of done tasks it would switch to the next level.

Of course right now you can simply track ‘working out’ but besides getting a longer streak it doesn’t show progress, which some habits definitely ever will have. I don’t know if this can be achieved while maintaining a clean and nice UI but thinking about the idea excites me much. :smiley: