Progress Statistic that Shows total completed tasks


There used to be a statistic that showed total completed habits (completed in the last few months I think it was) but that has since been removed. I would like a statistic that shows how many completed habits I’ve had this year. I have a Beeminder goal to complete at least 80 habits per week or I lose money, so it is useful to know the running total number of habits I have completed. Right now I have to export to a spreadsheet, sort by the the status column and look at the number of completions that way, which is doable, but it would be useful to be able to see quickly in the app.
I find a required X number of completions per week more motivating than streaks alone because when I miss a day I can still catch up to my goal, rather than feeling like “while I broke my streak, so I may as well take a break from it”.


I would love to see All Habit tracking too rather than having to click on each one individually! :slight_smile:


Hello there, actually we have already shown your week’s completion count in a type of a small bar, and “X number of completions per week” for each habit. Completing all habits will fulfill the bar, it’s right in the “This week” part in Progress page