Numerical inputs


The one feature I feel Habitify is really missing is the ability to have numerical inputs for habits, rather than just checked boxes.

Many habit trackers have a feature where you enter a number rather than submitting a binary Yes/No.

I’ve used this kind of feature to track a number of things - for example, when I wake up, how many X I completed or how I scored myself on Y today. Having both numerical and binary habits all in the same app keeps things simple and improves the odds that both are done daily.

Adding this simple feature would make Habitify much more valuable.

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Thank you so much for your dedicated contribution @Gusto. I personally understand that numerical habits will bring convenience for users when it comes to achieve habits need to be done multiple times per day. Could you kindly send me a message via in-app chatbox to describe your ideas more clearly? About the design and place where you want to put that number in. It’d be valuable for Habitify improvement.

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