Multiple bugs since last UI update


I’ve been running into a couple of bugs/issues with the app ever since the last update (the one where the whole UI changed). The redesign is fine, but it’s feeling a inconsistent and unreliable now.

  1. Sync issues: I have this app on my iPad and Android phone (Pixel 3XL), things would not sync across correctly. I would check everything off on my Android app, but my iOS app would not have anything checked off on the same day.
  2. (On Android) Checking off a goal would sometimes not animate (for the pie chart icon). It would be recorded sometimes on the habit’s own progress page, but it would not show the completion change on the All Habits tab.
  3. (On Android) Cannot change week start date: every time I change the week start date from Mon to Sun and press save, it would always go back to Mon after leaving the settings.