Monthly subscription doesn't seem to expire (Still able of creating habits)


Hi there I’m super fan of your app.

I bought a month to try out and I just loved it.

I was waiting for the month to expire, but after more than one month i see no signals that my priviledges have been reduced. I can still create new habits.

what I can’t do is to add notes through the web app, but I can do it from the mobile app.

Actually I was never able to add notes by the web app.

I would like to know what to expect when the month subscription expires.

Thank you very much

keep up the excellent work, this is my app of the year :heart_eyes:

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Heyyy @ntk thanks a lot for the support!

Could you message me your account email so I can check your subscription status? This is very strange actually haha!

For the notes, you can add them here:

If what you’re trying to say is you can’t add notes because of the subscription problems, just let me know and I’ll figure it out!


Hi @AlanNg!

Thank you for the reply!

I’ve send you a message, however I didnit found a way to directly send you a message.

So I replied to discobot and referenced you in the message body.

If you have any problem please let me know

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Hey! I didn’t receive anything…


Hi @AlanNg,

My bad I couldn’t figured out out to send messages in this platform.

Probably I don’t have permissions.

Can you check that out?

If you can check that out, please send me a message and I’ll reply it.

Best Regards


Hi @ntk , could you send me a messeage and some screenshots about your monthly subscription through in-app chatbox ? So i can detect your User ID and help you easier on your case .