Modified End of Day Time


I am often awake past midnight and check off a bunch of my habits right before I go to bed during my evening routine. Typically I check off my habits on my watch but you can’t switch days on the watch, so if it’s after midnight I have to go on my phone and go back a day and select evening habits. This could be avoided by providing a toggle to switch the End-of-day turnover to 1:00 or 2:00AM. It’s a small thing but it would be helpful for me and I’m sure a few other night owls.


Same here! I would even make a case that somewhere between 1-4am would be a sensible default setting (with user configurability, of course :). I bet the number of people for whom 1am is the start of their day is not far from zero.


Same. But perhaps there’s a better UX for the watch. Maybe swipe left to get a calender control or long tap for habit details. Indeed the watch could use some additions. The circular completion for weekly on the iPhone progress tab, that could be used for the habit list on both iPhone and Watch, and then it seems current week on the progress tab would be unneeded.