Manually Simple Time Tracking


Hi team,

I hope I can add a duration for each task manually. It helps me track the time I complete the specific task as well.

And Progress Tab can sum up total time I spend on all task a day.

It will help me find quickly which task is killing my time most, then I can adjust my strategy.

Kindly regards,


With all due respect to @CuongTran, I would suggest that the beauty of Habitify is its simple UI/UX. It is a habit tracking app, not a time management app, and if it is cluttered with a lot of typical time management features it will cease to be my habit tracking app of choice.

Just my 2¢.


Hi Cuong, glad to tell you that in this upcoming update, you’ll have the ability to set time goal for your habit, track them by a timer in app and see time progress!