Manually Simple Time Tracking


Hi team,

I hope I can add a duration for each task manually. It helps me track the time I complete the specific task as well.

And Progress Tab can sum up total time I spend on all task a day.

It will help me find quickly which task is killing my time most, then I can adjust my strategy.

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With all due respect to @CuongTran, I would suggest that the beauty of Habitify is its simple UI/UX. It is a habit tracking app, not a time management app, and if it is cluttered with a lot of typical time management features it will cease to be my habit tracking app of choice.

Just my 2¢.

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Hi Cuong, glad to tell you that in this upcoming update, you’ll have the ability to set time goal for your habit, track them by a timer in app and see time progress!


Hi Alan,

Is there any way we can manually add a time if we forget or do not want to use the timer? For example, I have set a goal to swim for 30 mins twice a week, but do not bring my phone with me to the pool so I cannot use the time goal feature. Manual time logs would be fantastic!


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Hi Corrine,

Thanks for the question! Yes, we do allow manual log. Tap on the three dots on the upper right, and you’ll see that option. Cheers!


Hey, do you plan to add stopwatch as well? (maybe pomodoro but that would be too much maybe?!)

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I really am sorry to keep reiterating the same basic points, but keeping Habitify simple and quick to use is very important to me, and there still seems to be some ongoing confusion over the difference between habit tracking and time management. Habitify is a habit tracking app, not a time management app. Granted, there are some features that overlap, but timers and indeed the entire Pomodoro concept fall squarely into the time management realm.

IMHO, as always :slight_smile:

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yeah, I understand.
Right now, we can only “do” habits (press the tick button).

So I don’t mind it to be “hidden”, (like skip/fail/addnote).
As long as it’s not “in-your-face”, I don’t see why an additional thing should be an issue, and if it doesn’t make the app slower…

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Stopwatch is a nice idea, but yes like @Perfectionist says, indulging on that function means that we’re stepping very close to the boundary of a time management app.

Thanks @Perfectionist for being our Guardian of the Simplicity. We really appreciate your support and also love to see your vision aligned with us :wink:


I see the point. Of course that’s true. However from the maker’s point of view, the more features we have, the more likely we are to deviate from the core of the app, which is to help people form habits ^^

Still, I can’t deny that Habitify will have to grow and in order for the app to meet more demand, it needs to adapt with new features!

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