iOS badges / notifications missing


Hi! In the latest iOS 13 no badges or notifications are present.

Interestingly, the notifications option is missing in Habitify settings…

Also, iPadOS notifications and badges on the same account show fine…

Here are some screenshots for you to see.

iOS (badges missing):

iPadOS (badges present):

How can this be fixed?


At the same time, badges in the app settings are turned on, but still they don’t show up…

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Hi Alex,

I’m truly sorry for this bad experience. Strangely enough, I have tested this on many of my devices and none is having this problem. My version is 13.2 and my model is iPhone 8 Plus. How about yours?


I have an iPhone SE, iOS 13.2… The problem is still there, no badges…

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Heyy @Alex, can you help me check if Habitify is listed in the notification setting of your phone system? I have received a lot of reports about that recently and I think it has something to do with the badges as well…