Incorrect streak count for weekly habit


I have a habit I have set to 3 times per week, and my weeks are set to start on Mondays. I completed this habit on Friday, Saturday (yesterday), and today (Sunday), and if I click on the habit to see details, it says that my current streak is 3, which is what I would expect. But if I’m just looking at my list of habits for today, the subtext for the habit says “1-day streak”.

If I update my settings so that my week starts on Sunday (today), both the list view and the detailed habit view report a 1-day streak, which seems even more wrong.

I just played around with it a little more, and happened to find out that if I explicitly skip the habit on the other days instead of just leaving it unchecked, my streak count is correctly reported as 3. If that continues to work, I’ll just do that, but it might be nice to either clarify and/or fix how streaks are supposed to work with regards to x-times-per-week habits – or maybe it would make more sense to track streaks for those habits on a weekly basis instead of daily?


Edit: noticed one more issue with this habit. At the beginning of the day, my log says “0 out of 10 habits completed”. When I check off this 3-times-per-week habit, it now says “0 out of 9 habits completed”, instead of “1 out of 10”.

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Hello @eggnog, thanks for the feedback. This is a bug from our side which we are investigating to fix.

Problems with streaks and analytics in general are often trickier than others, because they relate to the core of the app. So I hope you can wait for us!