Inconsistent Pricing


I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intended, but on iOS and web the one month subscription is $5.99, while on Google Play it is $4.99. Is this due to payment processor fees?

Furthermore, the iOS/App Store page for it shows this as in-app purchases:

  • Lifetime Premium Membership$39.99
  • Lifetime Premium Membership$19.99
  • Lifetime Premium Membership$27.99
  • Lifetime Premium Membership$49.99
  • Lifetime Premium Membership$49.99
  • Lifetime Premium Membership$9.99

Is this just a history of what it was priced at before, or are there certain platforms that allow the lifetime premium to be purchased at $10 (that would be pretty nifty, lol).

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Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for pointing out!

The pricing will differ base on the regions and OS platforms (Android is a little bit less expensive than iOS). It has nothing to do with the processing fee :slight_smile:

Furthermore, all the prices you are seeing in the list are a history of what it was priced before. Around 8 months ago, you can only purchase the iOS version for $10, but you must also pay the same for Mac. We changed that into a universal pricing eventually like you’re seeing at the moment :wink:

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I see, universal pricing makes a lot more sense to me!

Just purchased a month, I’m sure I’ll be joining the lifetime club pretty soon. :grin: Love the clean design and simplicity of the app, other habit tracking apps either don’t have crossplatform/cloud support or they’re just clunky in design/jammed with too many unnecessary details.

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I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the app, Michael! Can’t wait to have you in the lifetime club wink

Let me know if you need any help!