Improve Concentration In Meditation with Habitify


One of the most common problems faced by beginner meditators :person_in_lotus_position: is not being able to focus when meditating. Let’s talk about the reason why you have trouble with concentration and some practical ways you can use Habitify to focus better day after day.

When it comes to meditation, every beginner has a hard time keeping off thoughts:
:man_shrugging: You can’t sit still for 10 minutes, or find it impossible to concentrate on your breath for 10 seconds.
:woman_shrugging: After quite some time practicing and making certain progress, you might sometimes still get caught in backsliding.

:alarm_clock: It’s time for actionable, non-technical tips like the following:

  1. Find the best time to meditate
  2. Create the right environment
  3. Find the best duration to meditate
  4. Journal before you meditate to release thoughts and remind yourself of your meditation goals
  5. Switch your focus during times of extreme turbulent

:point_right: How Habitify makes you focus better at

Build a habit to meditate daily, care less about how you feel later, enjoy more what you mediation session as it is now, and one day you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come.

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Dear all,
Have you ever been like that before? How did you get out of these thoughts?


I find it’s sometimes hard to remember that meditation works! When my habit reminds me to meditate, I think about what I could do with that 10 or 15 minutes. I’m tempted to skip it. But after slowing down and taking the time, I never regret it.