I just wrote a app review/ feedback , would you agree?


hi folks,
this is my first post. i really like this app a lot and i think it is cool, that this community exists.

I just wrote a short feedback for the app store and i think i could share it here too.

At least it is about feature requests too.

(i‘m not a native speaker, hope my english is good enough)

5 stars, because the app has a lot of plus points and the support / the developers are responding super fast and are very kind and supportitive.

But, in my opinion, there are a few or even many things that are still missing and need improvement.

For example: if one user has a lot of habits, some kind of structure system would be cool, like with TAGS.

And, if i want to see the habits of the „morning“ in case it is afternoon… i can‘t, i can only see „all habbits“ if i want to go back and check some habbits from the „morning group“.

If the app is more developed, i would even pay for a monthly subscription.

The app is allready worth 5 stars and super usefull, but i hope it will get much more features.

suggestion to the developers:

get inspired by the „strides“ app… it has so many cool ways of modifaction / configuration of the habbits.

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Thanks for your kindness! Of all the requests, we are glad that we are actually implementing TAGS right now ;D

The ability to choose habits by time of day is available in the web version only, but we’ll surely do the same on other platforms!


That is great news! Thanks for the update!

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You are very welcome! Hope you can share the app to more friends :slight_smile:


really cool…

Can you say, when the update will be available in the appstore?

Ah, and another thing, could you maybe give the people in the

What does failure mean in Habitify?“ an answer? I am interested in this too, but no habitify staff member has answered by now :slight_smile:

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Hi Amon, the update will be in the mid of September :slight_smile: And yes sure, I will reply to that post also!