I just wrote a app review/ feedback , would you agree?


hi folks,
this is my first post. i really like this app a lot and i think it is cool, that this community exists.

I just wrote a short feedback for the app store and i think i could share it here too.

At least it is about feature requests too.

(i‘m not a native speaker, hope my english is good enough)

5 stars, because the app has a lot of plus points and the support / the developers are responding super fast and are very kind and supportitive.

But, in my opinion, there are a few or even many things that are still missing and need improvement.

For example: if one user has a lot of habits, some kind of structure system would be cool, like with TAGS.

And, if i want to see the habits of the „morning“ in case it is afternoon… i can‘t, i can only see „all habbits“ if i want to go back and check some habbits from the „morning group“.

If the app is more developed, i would even pay for a monthly subscription.

The app is allready worth 5 stars and super usefull, but i hope it will get much more features.

suggestion to the developers:

get inspired by the „strides“ app… it has so many cool ways of modifaction / configuration of the habbits.