How to get an update for Mac OS app not from Mac App Store?


Hi. I bought Mac OS app with a discount & you sent a link to some 3rd party service (Gimeboard or smth like that). App was not updated for a while & I was wondering if there any plans to do provide an update for it? As, e.g., I can’t choose FAIL on desktop and I really miss this option.

Or are there any other options for me here? Thanks in advance.


Using gumroad to distribute the app was a bad decision altogether. The most elegant way would be to issue free AppStore vouchers for those that bought the app via gumroad, instead of holding onto the non-appstore updates.

Yet, the Mac version hasn’t seen updates for quite a while. 4.2 (420) seems to still be the lastest version.
Also the iOS beta, 5.0 (1) is 77 old and its Testflight version is about to expire.

Generally development seems to have come to a halt.


That’s not completely true, at least for Mac OS. In Mac App Store current app version is 5.2
New app updates were actively discussed + they switched to new business model. So, I won’t be that pessimistic.


Well 4.2 is the last version rolled out via gumroad to me (yes, also checking in-app updates). Therefore I have all right to be pessimistic.


Well, that’s strange to me. Btw, solution turned out to be easy: just download Habitify app from Mac App Store, you don’t even need to delete old one. As they now on subscription & all early adopters were granted a life-time offer, it’s just syncs with your account & that it.


True, I did not check the AppStore, as there was no further update from the team that the switch to the horrendous subscription model was finally made.
How am I supposed to know as a regular customer (potentially someone that didn’t engage in the facebook group or now here) that my gumroad-downloaded version is no depricated? Would if have harmed to send an email to the mailinglist of those users, who purchased via gumroad?

I guess the best practice for me is to keep my expectations in regards to Habitify as low as possible. If there are none, you can’t be disappointed.


Tahorg, thank you so much for your support.

We’re working on the update for macOS. As we just had a long national holiday, the development was delayed for quite a bit.

The update is gonna be rolled out soon!


Leo, my sincere apology.

I know that saying sorry now doesn’t solve anything, but I just hope you could understand our lack of skills and knowledge in managing our users, and transitions.

We know Gumroad was a bad choice only after we have done it, so we’ve decided not to resort to it once again.


Alan, hi! No problem on my side, I just wanted to get the latest release, it turned out to be quite easy. It’s a pity I didn’t know about that earlier.
Otherwise, I’m happy Habitify user! Looking forward for new releases & features.


@AlanNg @petervu

Again, your choice to pick Gumroad as a 2nd distribution method for those that were early beta testers and got the discount to purchase Habitify for Mac is turning out to be a mistake.

The recent update is not accessible for those Gumroad customers.

That situation could be easily resolved, if you would offer a 100% off discount code for the Mac AppStore for all those Gumroad customers. By that you would no longer fail to distribute the app via two methods.