How do we reorder Habit areas?


Hey guys. I’m not sure if there is a way I can re-order the Habit Areas. Can you please explain if there is a way. If not can you please add that as a new feature request?


Hello Bappy. Yes, this should be a feature request because we haven’t implemented the feature just yet!

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Thanks for the update Alan. Could you please make it a feature request? Or do I need to do it separately?

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No need Babby! We have added this as a feature request some time ago!

Take a look here:

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Curious if there is any update and this feature is now live?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @agrandy, I’m sincerely sorry to announce to you that this feature hasn’t been implemented yet. It was being considered on February but it’s was postponed due to the lack of resources and we’re focusing on improve new Habitify on website and macOS first. At the moment, you can use an alternative way for arranging areas. How about changing the areas’ name and move habits to the areas that you want it to be, I understand it’s way more time-consuming than simply drag an area but this is just a temporary solution.