Hola Bookaholics!


This group is created for people who want to read more every day! :books:

My name is Alan, Growth Lead at Habitify.

I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader, but I always want to read more books in as many areas as I can touch on.

I used to encourage myself to read by creating a small facebook group with my friends, where everyone has to write a book review every month. If they fail, they have to donate $10 to the group’s bank and we’ll use that money to pay for our gatherings.

It’s been going on for 3 months now, and with its help, I have been able to finish The Spy (Paulo Coelho), Lucifer Effect (Philip Zimbardo), An outline of a theory of civilization
(Fukuzawa Yukichi) and One Hundred Year of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez), which would typically take me a whole year altogether to finish otherwise.

I thought of Habitify members. After a lot of interviews with you fellas, I know that many of you want to read more books but lack of motivation.

So here we are!

I create this group with the hope to encourage everyone here to read more books, at least 1 each month. At the end of the month, each person will write a review of the book he/she has finished in the month. It can be on Goodreads (here’s mine) or on a doc or as a post here. Anything, as long as you write it!

I’m reading Homosapiens at the moment, hopefully I will be able to finish it at the end of this month (October)!

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Hi, Alan! I’d love to be part of this group. I’ve just added you as a friend on Goodreads.