Habits with Intervals Not Saving Streaks


Another bug that I noticed today is that Habitify is incorrectly determining the streaks of habits that are set to repeat at an interval, such as ‘Every 3 days’.

I have a habit to clean out the litter box every 3 days. The habit started on 10 Feb 2020. I completed the habit on 10 Feb and 13 Feb. Now, on 16 Feb, I’m noticing that Habitify says my streak is 0 days for this habit. But it should be two days. On the only two days this habit needed to be done, I completed this habit.

My Setup:

iPhone Xs running iOS 13…3.1

Habitify version: 6.2.4 (I couldn’t find this anywhere in the app so had to go the App Store to see what version was installed.)

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