Habitify Translations


Hi everyone,

I believe as a user, you must have encountered a lot of linguistic mistakes within Habitify.

This is due to the fact that our translators were only given a deadline and some descriptions about the app, without any hands-on experience with it. In other words, Habitify has been lost in translation (Movie, 2003)

We feel really bad about that. So we seek another solution.

We see that no person would understand Habitify better than our current users, so we want to call for your help to put things right.

We have set up a platform for you to translate/fix Habitify into your own language here: https://crowdin.com/project/habitify

Now with your help, we can quickly fix translations error within the app without having to wait to some big updates. You’ll be the one improving your own experience, and several others.

If you have any trouble accessing or interpreting the translation file, please let us know and we’ll be right there to help :slight_smile:

All the best,
Habitify Team :rocket:


You really should have imported all the existing strings. I wouldn’t mind checking or complementing the German ones, but starting from zero seems pointless and redundant.

Back in the days of the Facebook group days I’ve sent you and elaborate mail with a lot of corrections already.


I’ve signed up for this community specifically because I wanted to make the developers aware of typos in the current German localization. I agree with Leo that starting from zero is too frustrating.

The crowdin website also doesn’t contain let us fix the text in the App Store screenshots: One for the iPhone says “täglic” where it should be “täglich”, the iPad one says “Schonen Sie Ihr Augen” but it should be “Ihre Augen”, and so on. Even with all typos fixed, the translations sound a little awkward to me.



I am preparing to upload all the strings here. My bad I wasn’t aware of the fact that there are still typos :frowning: I’ll ping you guys when all is updated!


Hi, noted. We will finished importing them in a couple of days.


Are these ios strings applicable to android version?