Habitify for Window OS


Hi team,

I know you changed the price structure, now one account can access across all devices.

Because I don’t know your roadmap, I wish a Window Habitify Version is in your radar.

Kindly regards,

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Hello Cuong, thanks a lot for reaching out to us.

And our answer is a big YES, we are going to launch a web version for Habitify, so you can literally use the app in any devices!

And this will be released quite soon since we are in the beta test phase.

Best regards,



Hi Quynh,

Thanks for letting me know. That’s awesome!

Web version is definitely the big plus for Habitify.



So do you want to join the beta test with us?
We would be really grateful then :smiley:


Hey, i’d love to join the beta program too.
Also is there some kind of official roadmap somewhere?
Would love to see what new features are comming soon :slight_smile:

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Oh hi Dinesh, thank you so much for your kindness! Please contact us via email contact@habitify.me