Habitify doesn't notify you, when the task is done sooner than expected


In app setting which will turn off notifications on tasks which are done before the time assigned in reminders.


I’ve been hoping to see this feature for a really long time.

I often have reminders in the morning for reading but also in the evening in case I didn’t do it during my morning commute.

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Hi, do you mean that if the task is done before the time it is assigned, it SHOULD still have notification or SHOULD NOT?

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It shouldn’t, but this is why I’m talking about in app setting, so if someone wants to get notifications, they still can.

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I very much agree! That would make habitify notifications more meaningful because they will now notify me if i forgot a certain habit.

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@flat2dplane @Saad_Ghadir I think there is a small issue here. The app is designed to only notify you the habits that haven’t been completed. Could you help me with this: Try to track how many times the app notified you of completed habits, and let us know if it’s consistent or just a few times?


Ok, I have now turned notifications back on and will test this for a few days.


I turned on notifications for a few days and I still get notifications for completed habits. There is one long bug report the someone sent in this community that also says the same thing about habitify notifications. However this doesn’t bother me very much as I just do my habits automatically but maybe a lot of users will benefit from better notifications. thank you

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Yeah, I think he’s talking about me:

And yes, I get the notifications consistently for habits I’ve already completed and it’s starting to become more of an annoyance than a feature for me currently haha

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@Saad_Ghadir Thanks for your testing. Lucky me it didn’t bother you as much as it did others.

@thatRobR I tried to simulate the bug on my side but I couldn’t… My best guess is this:

  • Maybe when you checked the habit done (before the notification), your phone wasn’t connected to the internet so the data wasn’t synced to the server, telling it “hey, I have done this habit, don’t send me notification”. The phone is still not connected to the internet when you receive the reminder.

Is that the case? Can you help me test it?


I tick my habits off from my Apple Watch, could that be the problem? Since I saw you wrote in my thread, something about how the sync requires the app to be open on the phone for it to update

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Ahhh that explains! Yes I think that’s the case.