Habitify 6.2 Beta Test Feedback


Hi testers,

So Habitify 6.2 beta has been released for a few days now.

Have you got any bugs? What do you think about the new Area feature? How could it be improved to be more motivating for you?

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I don’t fully see the point of areas yet, to be honest.

Sure, there is the additional level of filtering provided on the main screen, but switching between areas requires too many taps and is especially annoying, as horizontal swiping on the very top of my long phone screen is required. Further more it requires too much attention to hit the small, vertically narrow, target area and is therefor way too cumbersome.

I can’t see myself ever being willing to switch areas. Habitify is a quick in-and-out app. A lot of times I don’t even open the app. Shortcuts and tapping done in the notification area makes this possible.

In my opinion it would be more benefical to have the areas + all habits + the time of the day based group to be represented by icons on the main screen in one simple, permanently shown bar, if the user wants the ability to quickly switch.

Statistics for areas could be useful, if done right.

Bugs or missing functions found with areas:

  • Renaming of an area is not possible
  • If I create an area via settings it won’t show up in the switching bar at the top. This only works if I tap “add area” in said bar.
  • a habit can’t be part of multiple areas