Habitify 5.5 iOS + Web Beta Test Feedback


Hola everyone!

We’re so thrilled to present to you Habitify 5.5 iOS and Web Beta! Since our manpower is quite limited, it’s really challenging for us to balance between revamping the app, developing new features and debugging.

You can access the betas here:


  • For Web beta, if you can’t create more habits after the first time you visit the site, just clear the cache and everything is fine!
  • For Web beta, please register a new account on the site and use it to test. We’re running it on dev’s server so all the data will be removed in the official release. Make sure don’t get to attached :wink:

Really hope to see your feedback!
Thank you so much in advance!

Habitify Team :rocket:


Hi Alan,

Firsty I liked new update. But I think there is some problem with Siri Shortcut. When I say “Hey Siri, complete reading” It says me “I’m sorry, there is some problem with the app.” Maybe it’s a problem with my iPad. I don’t know. Could you check it?

Best regards.


Can I just clarify…Is the new dark mode and so on being released to the public this week? Your colleague said that it was but then it seems that these are beta features and they won’t be ready for a few months according to your Twitter feed…

It’s all ever so confusing!


Not bad. Some nice changes, others not so nice. :slight_smile: Idea of daily progress as graphic al representation, like. Circles for days in date bar, best i can think of. Horizontal bar not a fan. Additional UX element of arrow to hide, i think ugly. Control to hide completed habits, idea who knows. Drop down control so bad. I’d prefer great thought into how to make everything beautiful, and like Apple and the best designers, if it can’t be done “right”, wait before adding it. Colors for swipe controls also not a fan.

Noticed progress tab, in my localization, title like daily performance and last x days, text is long enough that they overlap.

Overall UX is ok, better than average, but not good enough.


Also have one habit that is listed incorrectly as a 43 day streak but isn’t. Seems to be using longest steak ever and adding recent streak of a few days.


Overall I like the feel of the new UI, I think it’s moving in a good direction!

One quick note: it’s a bit confusing to see streaks for habits with weekly goals listed in “days.” For example, I’d expect a habit set for “X times per week” to have streaks displayed as “Y weeks” instead of “Z days”.


Is there a reason why the https version of this link wasn’t used? [e.g. https://webbeta.habitify.me/]

Web beta: http://webbeta.habitify.me/


I suppose these aren’t specific to the beta test, but here are my suggestions:

  1. Need to be able to change account password. This is a security issue.
  2. The progress page should have an option for percentages (the whole thing should be in percentages in my opinion). This is how other habit trackers like Way of Life do it (one of my personal favorites). Percentages are more useful because number of habits may change over time.
  3. “Check-in Time” should possibly be removed, or alternatively, the progress page should be allowed to be customized. I have no idea how to use “Check-in Time” or why I would even need to know that information. I’m sure it’s useful to somebody but it’s pointless to me.

Overall, great app and looking forward to continued evolution / progress.


For Apple Watch, please add a corner complication. It’s possible to fit a number of remaining habits plus text as many do.


About a habit I have that’s listed as a ~50 day streak but for mant months has been around 2-4 times a week, the actual streak of that length is from around the same time a year ago.