Habitify 5.3 changelogs and minigame


:fire: The newest version, our 5.3 Habitify has been released with fundamental changes in the single Progress page.

Peter, the CEO has been working around the clock to bring the whole brand new page with better visualization, which promises to give you the most detailed tracking at a glance.

He has added:

  • a new yearly graph
  • a new note section
  • some new metrics that gave more insight into users’ performance.

:gift: And more importantly, this time’s minigame is believed to be so challenging: there’s something that will surely bring you more joy than ever in the “Notes” section, yet it’s hidden and can only be found out if you truly add notes

The first 5 users to send us the correct answer via email contact@habitify.me will get a one-month Pro package.

If you have missed our past minigames then this will be the golden chance for you to fully experience the ultimate habit tracking app - Habitify.

Hurry up because time flies :hourglass_flowing_sand:


Bug: I created a new test habit, the yearly graph obviously is shown empty. If I then switch to the monthly view and tick off days in the past the changes are not shown in the yearly graph.
See: https://streamable.com/105hk


Hi, I see. This is due to the belated update of the yearly graph. Going out to the Journal screen and back into this habit will solve this. The problem still causes inconvenience so we will look into it.