Habitify 5.3 Beta Test Feedback


Hi testers,

So Habitify 5.3 beta has been released for nearly a week now.

This time, the biggest change lies in the progress screen of each habit, as can be seen below:


Have you got any bugs? What do you think about the new progress screen? How could it be improved to be more motivating for you?


I do not understand how to get to the new yearly overview (rounded squares).
Am I missing somethings?

And a lot of strings are missing in the German locale. Not necessarily new ones, but ones that were used in the old version of the screen as well.


Hey Leo,

Yeah sorry we were not ready to ship the yearly graph in the test version just yet, that’s why you couldn’t find it.

And regarding the language, I have specified in the change log that it’ll all be in English :smiley: No worries, the official version will be in full German.


Overall I’m becoming less happy with the direction. Design is just ok. I’ve expressed this to Peter.

Yearly graph is interesting. Perhaps from my feedback to use heat maps, as one other suggested. I think weekly monthly graph shows be similar to the yearly example. Horizontally scrolling 7 row table of days per week. I think that makes monthly yearly unneeded and consolidates it to one graph; takes less space and easier to see.

Many other things I’ve already expressed to Peter. Main things. Please add dynamic iOS type size. Table row height and font size for list of habits is too large. Same on Watch. Please auto-hide tab bar of time period (morning afternoon all habits etc) at top if one has only habits not specifying time of day. On Watch also. The UX details of what is already there, not counting new features, needs refinement.

Getting used to the Activity app. One nice feature is seeing an infinite scrolling calendar. Anything to be learned from that? Unsure. Calendar or graph? Can total habit progress somehow be shown in a day table cell in a calendar? Maybe. One app uses color to denote “intensity”; let’s say some percentage of success or progress is denoted with a darker color. Shades of blue. Possible.


Thanks Gary for the great feedback! Peter has also talked with me about this, and while we’re truly taken aback by how much detailed your feedback is, we have to consider this on a large scale for everyone. It may take some time, but I’m sure you’ll continue to see a lot of changes (hopefully) for the better.


Yes of course rethinking everything takes time. :slight_smile: More things I might not have mentioned to Peter, or forgot:

  • French localization. still errors in capitalization “Réussites Totales”, “Taux de Réussite” should be sentence caps; all phrases should be sentence caps.
  • concerning those, total success & success rate, I’m looking at them more and like them. Maybe horizontal scroll? yet maybe someday reworked so just a consideration.
  • overall, preference to select what wants to see on progress and order? Rather than greater considerations like best days of week and productive days which I think may someday be better removed, a compromise for the moment.
  • productive days: orange color for success I think is perhaps wrong. red and variants are often universally considered signs of danger. though I haven’t philosophically given that much thought. yet red yellow green is common for stop lights and even macOS window controls. yet red too is the rose and other things like Indian wedding dresses. Don’t know. the light blue of no progress perhaps better used for a bit of progress (33%?) and a 4th color gray for none? such thoughts relate to a calendar, such as if like on Activity app there’s a calendar showing completion rings, something similar: a calendar using such colors for success. Such a calendar seems like a good idea. A question is how to most simply, quickly, and effectively view progress over time. Such a calendar is the best idea I have so far.
  • daily performance. maybe that hasn’t been worked on yet. doesn’t work for me. all days show completed, skipped says not enough data despite years of history (w/no skips since I don’t use that feature), and same for failed. I think this feature is unneeded and it’s better to rethink main ways to represent data; other suggestions may make this unnecessary.
  • toolbar icons are too similar. Icons not large enough. See any stock iOS app. Line thickness also seems different; strange since I though UIToolbar (forgot the name, been a while since I’ve looked) has some standard; perhaps you’re not using it.

I think that’s it for now. :slight_smile: Many small details I think are not good enough. Not bad but could be better. At least not horrible, but compared to the best, yes an eyesore. I still don’t like the large type of the main screen: "Today, “Yesterday”, etc. but understand it’s currently used to return to today. Maybe the journal toolbar button could be used for that too. Text removed? Unsure.

What is it that makes even apps that haven’t been updated so long still be featured in iTunes Store lists yet not yet so far Habitify? Not enough yet to make it good enough. Become a featured app, certainly you guys would like that.

last thing. I haven’t used notes but might. Don’t like the idea of duplicating notes in multiple apps. Currently, I use Calendar, Day One, and for mood tracking, Daylio, and iMoodJournal (as I find which I like). Integration? show Day One or Calendar events with a particular tag? Auto export (and sync) Habtifiy notes to Day One or iOS Notes? In total if one has some regime, perhaps a better term than habit, dunno, all things relate. Apple Health? Show sleep progress if available so one can see how it affects habits? Larger questions for perhaps a 7.0.


5.4. Progress screen much better. :grinning: today’s habits? I think not useful. Maybe maybe on the habit screen. Though smaller. Graph at bottom is nice. Please auto-remember last interval selected for all graphs. Horizontal swipe between some would be easier than a dropdown but unsure if less discoverable and it’d be inconsistant with success rate that uses scrolling. Picky details about spacing and sizing of all elements but perhaps that’ll change later if the whole design gets updated.

Noticed Habitify mentioned in some recent reviews of habit trackers. Worth a read.


As for the new time graph, perhaps instead of this month, last month, this year, and last year, have monthly, quarterly, and yearly, with horizontal scroll between intervals. So in monthly or yearly, one can scroll and see all data back to the beginning.


Thanks Gary! Where did you see the review of Habitify?

Btw, the design still has a lot to work with.

I love the idea about integrations with note-taking apps, though that may make the app more complicated than usual.


You mentioned UIToolbar. You used to work as a designer?


Let me improve the idea of direct integration to share to DayOne or other diary/note taking apps:

Instead of trying to cater for the multitude of different apps (which would be a nightmare to maintain) just allow users to query notes from within the new Shorcuts app.

Have a look at how Health App queries are done. You can specify a data-set (heart rate data, steps etc.) and pick a time frame, as well as the data type that you want to be exported.

Habitify could offer a selector for the habit (maybe via the X-Callback ID, which already exists and is shown to “pro”-users in the habit’s details). The Shortcut action that you would have to provide would then allow filtering by:

  • time-frame: today, last week (aggregated), last month (aggregated) or picking a specific time-frame as a start/end date
  • data-type: notes, counts of success/misses/skips

Also there should be utility Shortcut actions, such as:

  • get list of active/archived habits return an array of their specific X-Callback IDs
  • get name of habit to look up the name with the specified X-Callback ID
  • add note to habit on date x with the specified X-Callback ID

That would allow users to easily script export routines for their notes, if they want to to store them in diary or note taking apps.

Also providing Shortcut and Siri Shortcut integartion via native Shortcut actions will improve your ranking in the AppStore, as Apple favors apps offering those integrations :ok_hand:



I have made a few iOS for myself; a dictionary, other stuff, and once a habit tracker with just enough in there to log entries and show a yearly graph. One for analyzing workouts I’ll possibly try when I get a chance; nothing available so far is good enough though some running services are good though their iOS apps not so much.

One mention of Habitify was here. I think there might have been one other; they were overviews of habit trackers listing favorites and what the reviewer thought of others. https://thesweetsetup.com/apps/best-habit-tracking-app-ios/

Agree with leo’s comment about Siri Shortcuts and attempting to improve App Store rankings. That had crossed my mind a little while ago. Perhaps you’re already planning on adding more modern iOS features. Maybe another Today View widget of progress/graphs? btw, maybe you’ve noticed the Watch complications. I use only weekly habits done any time of the day, and watch complications always show all complete. I think you know about that. Perhaps after this beta is released, focus on what will make the app more visible on the app store?


Concerning the yearly graph for a habit, I think it’s hard to read. One row of lines per month like the yearly graph of progress? To me, it’s very clear. Month labels could also be left aligned; perhaps you noticed that.

As for the various charts for a habit, for example perhaps taping the month view could zoom to a vertically scrolling calendar? Swipe down to dismiss; maybe long press and an edit button to make changes? Unsure how often people edit past habits through the calendar. For me, it’s a bit too easy to scroll through it and accidentily tap a date and make a change.


Looking at the new progress tab, some aspects I’m liking very much.

Second section of compétions this week, great.

Success rate graph: line chart? It’d be more compact. I think vertical labels aren’t needed. Is it misleading to not use 100% as the measure? Unsure if it’s using percentage or number of times. 4 lines of 25% each perhaps is easier to understand and cleaner.

Monthly and yearly are hard to scroll through. As a bar graph, more consistant with others. Weekly showing quarter at a time and monthly showing a whole year? Unsure if too compact; seems like it’d be ok.

Checkin time haven’t thought about much. So far not needed for me.

Daily performance. Haven’t thought much about that either. Seems to me not helpful.

Last graph of month or year: next to number of completion numbers, an “of “ plus number of 100%? Too cluttered? Not sure. Just like the this week number compared vs goal and circular graph so clearly shows progress, monthly and yearly could too.

Overall trying to see how the graphs relate to determine progress, too much scrolling to go between them. Some way to see progress of an individual habit? Don’t know. Some places where there are numbers such as if one is looking at monthly, some number showing percent change compared to last interval, like 10%▲? Unsure. Trying to figure out how to compactly represent all such data showing completions plus change and progress. Hesitant to just say add this or that without knowing how it’d look and if it’d be overload.

Trying to think of a calendar similar to Activity app that summarizes progress per day would work and if it’d be someday a good addition. Pictures above: one comes from iMoodJournal range of colors and other is an intensity log of running. If it might be a good idea, similar to previously in app colors of compétions in orange, blue, light blue, it seems granularity would need to be perhaps a range of colors to signify progress by maybe 10% to be meaningful.