Habit list screen


So, thinking about what makes the top ranked habit apps as such, and what will it take for Habitify to displace them, one of them is the habit list. It’ll take more thinking though an initial observation. Other apps often have a habit list that allows for more easily grasping progress and ranking in some matter, what to concentrate on. Some use color to distinguish habits so one can easily see them; some use icons.

The new progress screen in 5.4, current week is interesting. Is that better integrated into the habit list itself? Isn’t the current week what we are perhaps most concerned about? The circular graph is nice. The current count of total is nice. That as smaller text on the habit list rather than X times remaining, etc., better? If the circular graph is integrated, how to make it look less cluttered, swipe to complete? Don’t know. A checkbox and progress graph together seems like it wouldn’t look great.

Should habits auto sort by least weekly progress? My original habit app was Keep It Green, long gone. It colored them from green yellow red and then shades of gray if one was really slacking like if one way behind for weeks or longer. Related to that or just general progress, is some text like “X days since” or “previous: x days”, some way that indicates last completion? Example, ideally I’d fast at some regular interval, a day without food or just traditional fasting foods akin to what some Hindus or others do. But haven’t done that even once for months.

Can’t remember much else at the moment. Perhaps more later.


:+1: все идеи хороши. Согласен с каждой. Замечания правильны. Аналогичных приложений очень много с указанным интерфейсом


Ever since I got a Watch a little while ago, have been thinking about the Activity app.

As mentioned elsewhere, there’s a running app, Tempo, with a similar calendar: date cells with a colored circle indicating intensity. Btw, I have noticed that app featured in an App Store list. Seems Apple likes it for some reason.

Seems like daily overall progress can be represented by percentage thus such a calendar is possible. Is such a simple and elegant way to grasp overall progress and easily scroll through weeks and months so one can see trends over months and years? Seems like it. Instead of multiple graphs and trying to decide what they all mean, a simple calendar. Perhaps there is a better way, but this way I’m liking more. That doesn’t mean remove the progress graphs but is this the simplest way and what might be used most.

With such a calendar, could the top one row calendar also show weekly progress? Fantastical indicates events in their calendar row with something graphical. AutoSleep does as well.

If done, show habit list as normal upon app startup. If one is already at that tab, tap toolbar button to show calendar. If viewing calendar, tap a date to show list of that date or toolbar button to return to today’s list.

I hesitate to offer suggestions and comments except those that I tend to see as most important that will best help Habitify become more popular and grow faster. I think this is well worth consideration.