(FOR ALL) Introduce yourself to find an accountability partner


Hi everyone!

Welcome to our community!

Please spend some time to introduce yourself here so others can help you with their knowledge and you can connect to be accountability partners of each other.

The introductory format is as follow:

  • Your name
  • The habits you are forming - your current progress - details about your habits (e.g. Read Book - Day 1 - I am reading Sapiens and find it very interesting)
  • Your question relating to the habits you are forming/breaking.

Of course, you can add more, but don’t forget to use bullet points so others can easily know what you are talking about :smirk:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Me first.

I’m Alan, 22, I am working as the growth lead at Habitify.

I’m forming a few habits at the moment:

  • Wake up at 5:30 AM and exercise - 61 day streak - I do weight lifting mostly accompanied with 15 mins of HIIT at the end
  • Read 10 pages a day - 16 day streak - Currently on One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez
  • My question is how do you read a book fast and remember what’s in it so you can use it in conversations later on?

I am Gregor, 24. I am currently studying.

I am forming a few new habits at the moment:

  • 2-3 daily 5 minutes walks of mindfulness
  • Focused Deep work sessions, where I turn every off and get in the zone <- Hard for me.
  • Afternoon Nap of 30 minutes
  • Read every day for 45 min - 1 hour. Currently reading 3 books. Willpower instinct & 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth on a weekly basis (1 chapter per week) and “How to read better & faster” almost every day.

My questions for the habits I am forming. How do I best deal with this urge to postpone deep work? It overcomes me sometimes more than other moments.

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From my perspective, it seems like deep work is not something already wired in your routine and now you’re trying to include it. The problem (I guess) is that Deep work has very high requirement of entry - you gotta turn every thing off and get in the zone (which is very hard to do in a short amount of time) - and so your body seems to resist that “uncomfortable time” by delaying it.

Now we know that the requirement is too hard, we should lower it until it becomes a habit, or should I say, lower our expectation for it.

First step, maybe start with the habit of turning things off. Don’t expect to get in the zone, just work with everything off.

Second step, set a goal to get in the zone once/week. This will slowly but gradually wire it in.

Third step, reflect to see how you get into the zone. What gets you there? What were you doing to get in there? Keep doing that same thing over and over again until your body is familiar with working for a long duration at maximum focus.

Fourth, I believe by now you are familiar with working at max focus, you won’t be afraid of it (and if we do it right - so people say - you can even crave for it).

Does the idea sound feasible for you?

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Yes I have been thinking that I pressure myself too much to get into the zone.
The reflection part is really useful as well. I will try to keep a diary regarding that.

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I am looking for an accountability partner that is serious in keeping a habit streak going and is willing to set measures of reward / punishment procedures. Email me if you are really serious about this lozano066@gmail.com

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Good luck with finding a partner! You can send us a tweet so we can have a shoutout for you!


What type of punishments are we talking? Lol.

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hmmm… what are you talking about…
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I came across a “flagged” TED video (flagged as in they don’t endorse/support the speaker’s talk) where the speaker made some sort of harsh punishment system for failed to dos/habits, implying physical punishment at some point. Some people are hardcore about it. If I find the video I’ll post it here.

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I really wish I could watch it one day. Please post!

Physical punishment…hm… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hey everyone!!! I’m Marina (mriney for friends). I’m a student currently.
  • I’m doing Yes Theory’s 100 Days Of Sweat challenge, so my habit is sweating every day. I’m on day 4. I’ll probably add more habits once I get to day 30
  • I’ve NEVER EVER EVER been able to stick to a habit. So my question is: how can I make sure I stick to these 100 days?
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Hello Marina, glad to see you reach out for help!

The most important thing is don’t pressure yourself to stick to 100 days. It is overwhelming and can easily demotivate you when you break on one day.

Instead, start small. The goal is to do something fairly easy from the start, then work your way up. Even if in day 30, you find that sweating by running 2km is hard, you can do 50 jumping jacks every day. That’s fine.

And also, don’t pressure yourself to be doing that every day. It’s fine to break the streak, as long as you can do at least x times per week. And have you heard of the 2-day method? It says that don’t skip something for 2 consecutive days, and you’ll have a higher chance to follow it through to the end.


Maybe this link on how to read faster and remember it all can help:


Hi, I’m Tiago, from Brazil.

First, thank you Habitify for existing. I’m 39, been a GTDer since 2014, and I’m an ENFJ-T according to 16Personalities.

I’ve been forming a habit of studying math every day, but it’s been hard. I’m not a math person, but would love to get better at it.

I know I’ll get there. I’ve been successful with other habits before — particularly after reading Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I’ve also adapted The Twelve Week Year by Brian P. Moran to work inside my GTD system. Together, these 3 books have been transforming my life. Now, paired with Habitify… Oh, boy!

Other habits I’ve been…


  • Go to bed by 11 P.M.
  • Get up by 6 A.M.


  • No caffeine after 3 P.M.

I don’t have any questions yet, but I hope I can be of help to the community.

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I was recommended this video by youtube too! Haven’t got time to read it, but definitely will check it out as it’s mentioned twice now!

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Glad to have you as a member of the community, Tiago! (and thanks for your contribution on other threads!)

Could you walk us through the Twelve Week Year by Moran?

Btw, how are you breaking caffeine?