{Feature Request} - API for automation and integrationw with other web services like IFTTT and Zapier


Hi. I’ve enjoyed watching habitify roll out and gain stability and features (looking forward to web!)

My hope is that the web implementation uses an API that you plan on making public. There’s a lot of automation that i would like build to better manage my various habits.

If you release an API, then integrating it into services like Zapier and IFTTT would be trivial for users. I would love to do things like:

  • if rescue time has seen me on duolingo.com or in the duolingo app for more than 5 min today, make the “learn french” a “success” for the day.

  • if my fitness pal has less than 100 grams of fat logged for the day , make the “stick to diet” habit a success for the day.

  • if i have at least 60 active minutes in a day, then mark the “be active” habit as good.

  • when the “go to the gym” habit is successful for the day, add “small desert” to the grocery list

  • when i break a new habit streak record on habitify, add “reward desert” to my grocery list


Basically, i’d really like an API that allows me to enumerate my habits and check/set the state of each. It would be awesome if i could register a callback for events to be sent my way, but can build my own polling mechanism if needed.

I am very much OK with an API token being a “premium” feature. I would happily pay to automate some of my habit tracking workflows.


Extending this idea, I would love an API I can use to pull data through Python or other languages for personal analysis / coding.

Basically a “developer API” page, where the user can generate an authorization key to use when making API requests, like lots of other services out there.


+1 for a Developer API.

I already purchased the app but this is something I’d be willing to pay more for.