Experiencing multiple bugs, observing communication issues


Hi. I’m excited but a little concerned about my recent lifetime purchase of this product. Browsing through the Habitify community, I see several user-submitted topics have yet to be acknowledged with a reply as simple as, ‘Thank you, we’re working on it’. Some even date back to early last year. I am hopeful that my and others’ issues can be addressed in a timely manner - I like the product but I simply will have to ask for a refund if it neither works well nor has strong support behind it. I would rather have someone acknowledge my problem sooner than apologize to me later for their very delayed response.

I am using a desktop PC and a google pixel 2, and experiencing bugs on both.


  • only 11 of 13 habits display in the All Habits view.
  • The 2 missing habits do not display in the areas they’ve been grouped to.
  • often after selecting “save habit” on a new habit, the system automatically opens another new habit window for me to fill out, even though I haven’t clicked “add habit” again. When I try to close it (hitting escape, Xing out of the window, or clicking outside of the window), I’m told I will lose the unsaved (empty) habit, to which I say OK, but it remains open, even after many attempts.


  • only 11 of 13 habits display in the All Habits view on the journal page. They ARE all present in the “manage habits” area as active.
  • habit areas are not syncing between desktop and the phone. all habits are shown as uncategorized on phone until I move them, which I’ve already done on PC.

Hopeful for a response, and thanks for a useful product.