Estimate Time for habit, and total time per day


I know it’s possible to exactly track how much time we consume per habit.

But sometimes we don’t want to do that work because we know how much time it takes (and it doesn’t change).

Would be amazing if we could set for each habit the estimated duration time. And in each day we could see how much estimated time our habits would consume from us. And if possible allow us to see how our estimated habit time would progress over time

I believe this would be an unvalueable feature for all of the community


Hey @ntk, it would be awesome if you could give us an example :wink:


Hi @Habitify_Team,

Thank you for the reply, I wasn’t able of reaching you out until now.

An example would be:



  • [existing fields]
  • (new) estimated time - 30 minutes


  • [existing fields]
  • (new) estimated time - 15 minutes


  • [existing fields]
  • (new) estimated time - 15 minutes


  • 1 hour

This is important because we generally know how much time an habit costs, and to me it feels more confortable than setting a timer every time I need to perform an habit.

I’m not telling to get rid of the timer but to add an estimated time, because habits are predictable in frequency and time

So this would be an attempt for people to have an idea of how much time their habits are consuming, and eventually ‘cut costs’

Was this explanation better?

If not please let me know, and I’ll try harder and eventually bring pictures

Best Regards,


Hi @ntk ,I understand your suggestions . You’d like to see the total time all the habits will cost you in a day , am i right ? This feature could be really handy when it comes to users who only have a limited time spent for all the habits . I’ll note down your recommendation of this feature and send to our developers so they can have a look at it and consider adding a " estimated time cost " to Habitify .


Hi @Habitify_Team, I’m very happy with your reply and your understanding about the value added by this features. I have many habits, and time is limited. So If I had some “estimated time cost” I could quickly figured out if my habits are too heavy for a day and if I need to rebalance. By rebalancing I mean reducing the time I spend on average in the habit, or break a very long habit in small more frequent habit, or even removing habits from my routine.

This would also be interesting to quickly figured out impossible habit routines. Because I’m the type of guy that tends to overload himself and this feature would help other people like me.

Could also be a cool feature to help you fine tune your routine so it has a low footprint. The lighter your routine the more likely you are of accomplishing regularly.

Possibilities are always endless but I would suggest this priorities:

++ priority

  1. “estimated time cost” (ETC) per day on each day your could see the estimated cost in time
    a) (Optional) a variation of this could be subtrating from ETC every time you mark a habit as done.

  2. “routine time cost” (RTC), this couldbe in some place in the app and is the sum of all habits ETC. Something like ->

    RTC = ETC_habit1 X habit1_Frequency + ETC_habit2 X habit2_Frequency + ETC_habitn X habitn_Frequency

– priority

Have a nice day!