Detailed Progress Chart to Compare Habits


Hello everyone. I am using Habitify iOS version for almost one-year on a daily basis. Recently, I figured I need something else in the analysis and checked the community for the first time. I checked all the feature requests, couldn’t find anything similar, so posting it myself. Maybe some other fellas also requiring this feature.

In the Progress section, I would love to see a more detailed Completion Rate chart that allows me to see how well I am faring with one habit while failing in another in just one look. This way I can try to arrange my time better between habits.

Now we see the overall completion rate, which is cool. In every habit, we can also see that habit’s completion rate, also nice. I am just asking a graph that consists of every habit’s completion graph altogether. Habits could have different colors to make them easier to compare. Also, this could be added right after the completion rate graph as a detailed completion graph.

Is this a good idea? What do you guys think?


Yes, me also thinks this is a good idea.

We will be able to compare all the habits in one single graph.

It would be dope.

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It’s a great idea actually! We have always wanted to include a graph that allows you to compare habits with one another (to see correlation) The hardest part, though, that we haven’t figured out is how to do it but still keep the minimalism of the total app. Habits with different colors will surely crowd the screen, especially when you have over 100 habits (many people do!)

Any suggestions?


Give the user a choice in which ones they want to graph and a button to generate it. Defaulting to graphs that have correlations with some interesting properties (e.g.: show the ones that correlate the most along a common property like skips)

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