Creating habit broke sync between web and android


Hi all!

I’m having issues with the web and android app as of this morning. I can see my habits from the web version, but everything is missing on android (asking me to create my first habit). Both are signed into the same account :wink:

I think this may have been caused by creating a new habit from the web app. The habit is appearing 14 times in the manage habits section, despite only creating it once. So far I have tried logging out on both devices, and re-installing the android app. No change.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Chromium: 77.0.3865.120
Android: 10
Habitify: 6.1.0

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Hi @nmb Nick! This is a known issue from our side. Our Android developer is working on it at the moment! It’s mostly the Android version that is causing this, not the web one.


Hi Alan! Any updates on this issue?

The Android app has been broken for a week for me now!

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Heyy Nick @nmb yes the problem is fixed with the latest update! Do you face it any more?


Hi @AlanNg, working perfectly since the update. Thanks very much!

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Lovely! Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile: